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Using Safari to View the Eclipse Help System (When Safari Is Not Your System Default Browser)

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I belong to the minority of people who love the Opera Browser. You’ve got to try it, it has got all sorts of nice features – e.g. you can easily create keyword-driven search shortcuts or browse the web using mouse gestures. But I digress…

Of course, I configured Opera to be the default browser on my Mac. Which is nice for surfing the web. However, I do not want the Eclipse Help system to appear in Opera – mostly because I tend to have way too many tabs open anyway. So, I’d like to open Eclipse Help in Safari. Here’s what you need to do to achieve this:

  1. In Eclipse, open the preference dialog

  2. Select General –> Web Browser

  3. Click New… to add a new external web browser

  4. In the dialog box Edit External Web Browser, fill in the following details: [

Edit External Web Browser


  1. Click Ok, then Finish

Obviously, this only works on Mac OS.