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Today @ 18:00: Eclipse DemoCamp + Soccer in Hamburg

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A friendly reminder to everybody who signed up for the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg: the DemoCamp will start today at 18:00 – one hour earlier than originally announced!

The reason for starting at 18:00 is…. soccer! At 20:45, the German and Austrian soccer teams will meet in a critical play. Both Martin and I didn’t think of this, until Matthias L├╝bken reminded us of the fact. Since we couldn’t rearrange dates and / or rooms, we decided to just start earlier and finish early enough to watch the game together.

So, if you like socer, this is the perfect chance to combine Eclipse and soccer.

If you haven’t heard of the DemoCamp before and would like to join – do not hesitate to add yourself to the list of attendees (you need a bugzilla account to do so), or drop me short mail so I can add you to the list.

So far, we’ve got 48 registrations, so this will be a nice crowd :–)

We’re looking forward to seeing you tonight!