Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker

Three Things About Me You Might Be Surprised to Hear About...

Thanks to Michael, it’s about time to let you know that…

  1. I started my programming career at the age of 12, when my father bought a Phillips MSX home computer. It had a very slick looking case, and you could write programs in some ancient version of Microsoft Basic.

  2. When I was 18, I worked in a cinema. Back then, we were using Ernemann film projectors. My duty was to start the film and to crossfade from one projector to the other one as soon as you could see a white spot in the upper right area of the screen. Here is a detailled description of how it works exactly.

  3. A red umbrella (of the Knirps brand) played a major role in getting to know the girl who is now my wife. I lost that umbrella at a friend’s birthday party. When I wanted to fetch the umbrella some days later, that friend was on holiday, but Anne was there to hand out the umbrella. I guess we both would never have thought fetching that umbrella would take so long – we spent the whole day together.

Well, who’s next in line? Markus, Matthias and Boris.