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The iPhone Has an Innovative User Interface. The iPhone Has an Innovative User Interface?!

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My colleague Wolfgang Frank recently blogged about innovation at Apple. His post contained a link to a video of James Gosling demonstrating the Star7 PDA:

The concepts of the GUI seem to be quite familiar to those who know the iPhone, don’t they? Have a look at this:

“This is the day I’ve been looking for for two and half years”

If you come to think of it, the Star7 PDA prototype development took place in the early 90’s. Steve Jobs’ introduced the iPhone in his keynote speech in 2007. “Two and a half years…” Did they really invent the iPhone from scratch? If so, Apple seiously suffers from the Not Invented Here Syndrome

There is an interesting discussion regarding whether Apple invented all those concepts on their own. One commenter writes:

Do anybody think Sun is able to come up with anything like iPhone? I don’t think so look at the Swing UI. after many years and many new L&F wots the difference? There is not a UI that can rival the default UI of the OS X nor Windows. Face it…..Sun is not know for designing.

Oh, and we must not forget Google Android:

Funny how all those things resemble each other so much…The bottom line is that among the three devices, the Star7 is the only really innovative one. It had been way ahead of it’s time. What a pity Sun didn’t make more of it.