Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker


I am a speaker at various at international software conferences and I’m also available to present at your company. Contact me directly if you want me to speak at your conference or your company.

My upcoming talks

This is an overview of my upcoming talks. Feel free to follow my Lanyrd profile for more information.

Bio and pictures

Peter Friese is a software engineer with 15+ years hands-on experience in software development, technical writing and public speaking. Peter works as a Developer Advocate at Google in the Developer Relations Team in London, UK. Having worked on a host of industry projects in diverse domains and being an active committer on a number of open source projects, he has in-depth knowledge in a broad range of technologies. He is deeply interested in everything mobile and social. He is on Twitter at @peterfriese and on Google+ at +peterfriese. His blog can be found at

Past talks

An (not quite complete) list of my past talks. For more detailed information about the various talks (such as slides, write-ups and other coverage), I encourage you to visit my Lanyrd profile.