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Reporting Bugs Has Never Been Easier...

Reporting bugs for Eclipse or one of it’s various subprojects has never been easier than with Eclipse Europa. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Europa yet, you should do so now. While waiting for the download to complete, read on to find out how to report your bugs.

Traditionally, in order to report a bug against an Eclipse-related project (or component), you had to switch over to your browser, jump to and step through a rather tedious wizard that tried to help you find out whether you’re about to report a real bug (or spam the Eclipse bugzilla with duplicates) and the appropriate product and component.

No longer! In the brave new world of Eclipse Europa, just select Report Bug or Enhancement from the Help menu (inside Eclipse).  In the dialog showing up, select as your task repository and voilá! you are presented with a list of all available products. After selecting the desired product, you can enter all bug details in the bug editor:

Bug editor

Best of all: after committing the bug to the Eclipse bugzilla by clicking the Create New button in the bug editor, a link to the new bug is created in your local task list for later reference.

Thanks to Mik Kersten and the Mylyn team for making this possible!