Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker

Opera 8 Is Here

After 3 official beta versions, Opera has relased version 8 of the Opera browser. You can get it in Windows and Linux flavors.

The free version display ad banners at the top of the window. To make them go away, you can buy a license at 34 EUR. If you happen to have issue 8 of the german c’t magazine, you are eligible to buy the browser for only 8 EUR – a great deal!

Oh, and here are the new features and changes: Opera changelog

I have been using Opera since version 7.x and never want to use any other browser. The most useful features in my eyes are: Tabbed browsing Support for sessions (opens a set of sites you browse regularly) Mouse gestures Quick Preferences (now, you can enable / disable you proxy with just 2 (!) keystrokes)