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openArchitectureWare 4.3 to Be Released in April 2008

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The openArchitectureWare is working in the upcoming release 4.3 of oAW which is scheduled for mid-April 2008.

oAW 4.3 will largely be a maintenance release with a number of bugfixes and minor enhancements.

However, the Xtext component will feature some major new features:

  • support for model referencing

  • support for referencing and instantiating existing meta models

  • Xtext implements EMF’s resource (Xtext models can be referenced from other EMF models)

  • some GUI enhancements

    • Quick Outline

    • Viewpoints

    • Context-sensitive highlighting

Additionally, we introduced the oAW EMF Validation Adapter, which integrates oAW’s Check language with the EMF validation framework.

The next two weeks are dedicated to bug fixing and testing. To gather feedback from the community, we are providing nightly builds at (thanks to the team at for supporting us!).

Starting this week, we will also provide a bleeding edge Eclipse distribution including oAW and all dependencies. This distro will be available at

If you can spare some time, we’ll be happy to accept your findings (and praise :–) ) on the Eclipse bugzilla.