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openArchitectureWare 4.3 Released

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The openArchitectureWare team is proud to announce the long awaited 4.3 release of the well-known MDSD toolkit. Although openArchitectureWare 4.3 is mainly a bugfix release, it contains a number of enhancements.

Much work has been put into fixing bugs. A total of 102 bugs has been fixed since the last release (see A big thank you is due to the active oAW community for reporting bugs and providing patches.

Most enhancements have been made to Xtext which now supports an even larger array of customization points. Using oAW’s Xtend language, you can now define context sensitive coloring schemes for your textual DSLs or define viewpoints to your model.

As a brand new component, oAW 4.3 features the Generic EMF Editor, a forms-based editor for Ecore-based models. This editor provides a neat UI, thus enabling users to edit their models more quickly and with more joy than with the well-known Reflective Ecore Editor delivered by EMF itself.

openArchitectureWare is immediately available for download from and Additionally, itemis is providing an Eclipse distribution including oAW 4.3, UML2, OCL and FindBugs as a one-stop download from

Having finished this release, the openArchitectureWare team is pushing onward to start work on the next major release of openArchitectureWare, version 5.