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openArchitectureWare 4.2 Released

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The openArchitectureWare team has released version 4.2 of the well-known MDSD toolkit.

The new version comes with several major improvements (see below) and is now also fully compatible with the Eclipse 3.3 Europa release and the corresponding EMF 2.3, UML 2.1 and GMF 2.0.

Major new features are:

  •  A Debugger for Xpand and Xtend

  • Product Line Engineering (using XWeave and Xvar)

  • Textual DSLs with Xtext

  • Hyperlink navigation in many editors

  • Refactoring for Xpand templates

  • A totally reworked documentation, available as PDF and Eclipse online help

  • 3hrs of videos available demonstrating the use of simple to complex features

  • Many bugfixes

  • Improved overall performance

See the New And Noteworthy for details.

openArchitectureWare can be downloaded from the Eclipse website.