Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker

Leaving Lufthansa Systems

I am leaving Lufthansa Systems to join Gentleware.

I joined Lufthansa in August 1996, when I started my studies in computer sciences at Nordakademie, Elmshorn. After finishing my studies in early 2000, I started my career as a software engineer with Lufthansa Systems. My first team developed a tool that helped administrators to install Windows PCs unattended. Most of the code was written in Delphi and DOS Batch. After 1 year, I had the opportunity to join another team who were writing enterprise applications in Java. Although I had never written a single line of Java code before, I was given the chance to join the team (mostly because I had some experience with distributed systems and CORBA). The team was rather small when I joined (only three developers, including me, and one boss), but grew up to 15 developers in about 2 years. We had some good fun writing J2EE applications (and frameworks).

In 2004, I was looking for a tool thet helped me to quickly create a Struts-based application and came across AndroMDA. This was an important step on my way into the world of model driven software development. I started using AndroMDA in my J2EE projects, and soon started contributing patches to AndroMDA. Sortly after, I was invited to join AndroMDA as a committer.

Gentleware is a well-known company in the realm of modeling tools and I first met Gentleware’s CEO Marco Boger at JAX 2004 when Matthias Bohlen and I gave a talk on AndroMDA. In 2006, Gentleware were looking for a Software Architect to join their team and help them to further develop their new Eclipse based roundtrip engineering tool Apollo.

My main areas of work in my new job will be to help make Apollo a great UML tool that integrates with model driven approaches like MDA and MDSD. Also, I will serve as a Software Architect on J2EE projects.

If you happen to be at OOP 2007 in Munich, just drop by the Gentleware booth and say hi. I will be there not only to present Apollo and Poseidon (our modelling tools), but also to give a talk on Open Source MDA.