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Joining Itemis

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Effective February 1st, 2008, I left my former employer and joined itemis.

There are many reasons for this step, and I don’t want to go into too much detail, so here are the two most important ones:

First of all, I had to do a lot of travel in my recent position at Gentleware. Actually, I like traveling quite much – as you get around interesting places and meet a lot of interesting people – especially if you are a software architect (which is a synonym for “information hub” :–) ). However, with three small children, this meant a lot of hassle and tears. Wrong timing, one might argue. Maybe I’ll hit the road again when the kids are older. The new position does not require that much traveling, so I’ll be at home most evenings which is great for my family (and also for me).

As you may know, itemis is quite committed to Model Driven Software Development (MDSD). The majority of projects they work on rely on MDA/MDSD technology. Not only is itemis a user of model driven technology, but also do they heavily contribute to open source projects in this area. Itemis employees are committers on projects like openArchitectureWare, Eclipse Modeling Project and Fornax. Since the company management has identified “innovation management” as one of their top duties, they consequently launched a new branch office in Kiel with a group of employees who are dedicated to working on open source modeling tools. As working on open source projects is something I really enjoy and since I believe model driven development is a very hot topic, I decided to switch companies and join this team.

I learned a lot at Gentleware and am very grateful for the experiences I was able to make there.

Now, I am looking forward to creating the upcoming version 5.0 of openArchitectureWare together with my colleagues (Sven Efftinge, Jan Köhnlein, Dennis Hübner, Torsten Krohn) here in Kiel. Expect to hear exciting things in the following weeks and months. We started a team blog you might want to subscribe to: