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How Twitter Solved My P2 Problems During My Lunch Break

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Today, I wanted to migrate from Eclipse 3.5M5 to Eclipse 3.6M6 (I know, it’s a bit late for that already – but then, I had been busy with #eclipsecon and preparing the Stupid Modeling Talk during the past weeks).

As of course I’ve got quite a number of additional bundles installed (e.g., EMF, Window Builder, Mylyn, Xpand and Xtend), I wanted to re-use them. I recalled that a while back someone (probably Chris?) blogged that it basically is possible to use an existing Eclipse installation as a local update site. However, I couldn’t find the blog posting describing how to do that.

Given the fact it was about lunch time, I decided to let the #wisecrowd figure out how to solve my problem. So I twittered “desperately looking for a hint how to use an existing Eclipse install as a P2 repo. Goal:transport features from my M5 install to a fresh M6”.

So, during my lunch break, the wise crowd (Kai, Ekke, Boris and Paul) sent me their opinions on the matter:


How Twitter solved my P2 problem during my lunch break


At first, it seemed like there is no solution, but in the end Paul’s tweet reveals the solution I was looking for:

Add eclipse/p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine/profileRegistry/SDKProfile.profile/ as a local update site.

All of you out there who still doubt the practical use of Twitter: you really should give it another try.