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Can’t make sense of the cryptic headline? Read on, I’ll explain! If you can decode the headline, you qualify as a geek and should read on as well :–)

I am excited to announce I have started a new job with Google!

Starting January 20th 2014, I’ll work as a Developer Advocate on the Google+ team at Google in London. Many people have asked me what a Developer Advocate actually is and what we do, so I’ll briefly explain it here for everyone’s benefit.

The official job posting for Developer Advocates at Google says:

We’re self-proclaimed nerds, and our Developer Relations organization helps keep us connected to the communities that love technology as much as we do. Developer Advocates are focused on supporting the 3rd party developers who are building applications and businesses on Google’s platforms. You are passionate evangelists for Google technologies as well as vocal champions for developer interests within Google. This is a position for engineers who love connecting with developers and speaking publicly about cutting-edge technologies on conference panels, at user groups, on blogs and with the press. Chrome, Android, App Engine, HTML5 as well as our core Google Apps and Ads APIs are just some of the platforms you promote and support.

As a part of that, I’ll be working together with a whole bunch of other Developer Relations staff to help 3rd party developers and partners to use the Google+ Platform and APIs to integrate their apps and services with Google’s platforms. The term “Advocate” means I’ll act as a two-way communication channel: on one hand, I will speak at conferences, write blog posts and articles to communicate how to use Google APIs. On the other hand, I am here to listen to the feedback user of our APIs give and make sure this gets fed back into the product life cycle. This means I will meet with a lot of partners and developers, listen to their needs and gripes and help them to make sense of our APIs

If you are interested in a more in-depth explanation or if you’re even considering becoming a Developer Advocate yourself, I can recommend Christian Heilmann’s excellent book on this topic.

That being said, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, Google+, or by email if you are interested in using the Google+ platform and becoming a platform partner. If you’ve got any technical questions, check out our excellent and friendly communities on Google+ and StackOverflow. If there is anything in particular you would like me to have a look at, ping me on Google+. When reporting a problem, keep in mind the guidelines for writing great bug reports and also keep Mano Marks’ post on How to Approach a Google Developer Advocate with Questions in mind – help us to better help you :–)

Lastly – we’re hiring: check out Google Jobs!