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Eclipse Stammtisch Hamburg Recap

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Yesterday, the first Eclipse Stammtisch in Hamburg took place. We had about 30 registrations in advance and were quite surprised that even more people showed up. The location&sll=53.553343,9.929225&sspn=0.016368,0.047035&ie=UTF8&z=15&iwloc=addr) (Bolero Bar in Hamburg Ottensen) was well-suited: we had a nice room good enough for about 60 people with a looooong table set up for us. Although I planned to arrive early, I arrived late due to the catastrophic parking situation in Hamburg Ottensen (have to take this into account the next time…).

We had some frosty beverages (a big thank-you to Ralph from all attendees!), nice tex-mex food and a lot of Eclipsy (and also non-Eclipsy) conversations. Networking opportunities were great – lots of well-known people like OSGi afficionados Martin Lippert and Gerd Wütherich, “The Modeling Guys ™” from itemis (Sven, Jan, Holger, Moritz and me) and Gentleware (Stefan and André), Stefan Reichert of WickedShell fame, Karsten Panier of StIXDBUwe Petschke of The Way Out (ObjectFab) and a whole bunch of people from companies like OTTO, Immonet, Lufthansa Systems, Kühne & Nagel. Academia was also present: Simon Zambrovski of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg brought some of his students. Last not least, Ralph Müller of the Eclipse Foundation, who tirelessly answered questions and connected people.

Everybody Ralph and I talked to thought that the event was a big success and asked for more. As the term “Stammtisch” implies, this is a somewhat regular event, so there will most definitely be a follow-up event later this year. If there is enough interest (just leave a comment on this post), we will try to arrange an Eclipse Stammtisch each quarter, so stay tuned.

Another excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas concerning Eclipse is the upcoming Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg, which I happen to organize together with Martin Lippert of it-agile. After the Stammtisch, Martin and I went to check out a possible location for this event which looked quite promising. If you are interested in attending the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg, add yourself to the list of attendees in the wiki. If you would like to give a demo, please add yourself to the list of presenters. If you cannot come to Hamburg to attend the DemoCamp, choose one of the DemoCamps in a city near you or organize your own DemoCamp.

PS: thanks to Simon for allowing me to use a photo I took using his camera!