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Eclipse Stammtisch: Diversity at Its Best

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Yesterday, the seconds Eclipse Stammtisch in Hamburg took place. About twenty Eclipse-addicts showed up to talk about all things Eclipse over some frosty beverages and delicious Roxie-style food.

Peter, Martin, Karsten


More Eclipse Enthusiasts, including Sebastian and Miguel

I had some very intersting conversations about topics like

  • potential analysis of public transport

  • wood chemistry and how to use Eclipse technology to detect smudges in paper machines

  • how to find the best seat on your next flight (check out

  • and of course, textual DSLs

As you can guess from the topics, we had participants from a very diverse range of industries and fields of study. I guess that’s a sign for a healthy ecosystem.

Ralph and I talked about the evolution of the Eclipse ecosystem and the rise and fall of companies. We both agreed that companies who want to gain benefits from the Eclipse ecosystem are well advised to invest into their staff, making sure their developers, architects, projects leads and product managers are well-connected with the community.

Networking is becoming more and more important and events like the Eclipse Stammtisch and Eclipse DemoCamps make it easy to get to know other like-minded people.

If you are interested in participating in the next Eclipse Stammtisch in Hamburg, just drop me a short mail with the subject line “Eclipse Stammtisch Hamburg” and I’ll send you an invitation for the next Stammtisch in time.

Oh, and by the way: I’d love to see some Eclipse enthusiasts from companies like OTTO, Adobe and Google next time ;–)