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Eclipse Modeling Day in North America

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We (i.e. the Eclipse Foundation, itemis and Cloudsmith) are looking into arranging one more Eclipse Modeling Day in North America this fall and would like to gather feedback from folks interested in attending. Please use this poll to help us tailor a location and program to suit your particular interests: ZQcGh3RDhrUUdyNTAtMXlVU2pKQ1E6MA..

Our goal is to organize an event especially for people new to modeling or who are curious what this modeling fuss is all about and how it can help them. So, this will not be an experts meeting, but you can meet experts talking about their topics. We also are interested in case studies, so ideally you will get first-hand experience from people who use modeling in real life to meet real challenges.

We welcome any feedback, so please fill out our little poll.