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Eclipse DemoCamps

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It’s that time of year again – demo time!

Being run for the third time, demo camps can be considered an integral part of the Eclipse calender of events. Attending a DemoCamp is great. If you haven’t yet been to any Eclipse DemoCamp, let me briefly summarize why I think you should consider going to one:

  • see cool technology in action (well, that’s the whole point of a DemoCamp, isn’t it)

  • get to know Eclipse-minded people from your area

  • have some frosty beverages and fingerfood (well, that actually depends on how the camp is organized)

  • see some exciting buildings from inside (again, depends on how the camp is organized)

Oh, did I mention that Eclipse DemoCamps are free? Thanks to the Eclipse Foundation and many sponsoring member companies, you get to enjoy all those nice things for absolutely free.

Here are some of my favorite demos:

By the way, if we were to award the price of the most indefatigable DemoCamp presenter, it’d go to Wassim Melhem. You can meet him at no less than three locations: Iasi (Romania), Warszawa (Poland), Poznan (Poland).

Hope I could convince you to attend one of the many DemoCamps. I’ll be at the DemoCamps in Hamburg and Leipzig, so see you there!