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Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg

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If you are a regular readers of Planet Eclipse you are without a doubt aware of the Eclipse DemoCamps being held all over the world in November and December 2007.

Eclipse DemoCamps are a great opportunity to meet Eclipse Enthusiasts from your area, see some cool showcases of what can be done with Eclipse technology and discuss all things Eclipse over a frosty beverage. Too good to be true? Go and find out yourself!

If you happen to be in the city of Hamburg during December, you have the chance of attending the Hamburg edition of the Eclipse DemoCamp: We have a pretty interesting line-up of topics:

  • Textual DSLs

  • GMF / EMF

  • Improving Code Quality with Eclipse

  • Eclipse Persistence (EclipseLink)

If you plan to attend, but haven’t signed up on the event wiki page, please do so in advance.

Hope to see you there!