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Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg Review

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Yesterday, the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg took place in the beautiful “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg:



We had about 50 registrations and more than 40 people actually showed up:

Eclipse DemoCamp

After a short introduction by Martin and me, Sven (itemis AG) gave an introduction to Xtext and highlighted some o the new features in the upcoming version Xtext 2.0.

Matthias L├╝bken of it-agile gave a talk on GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and OSGi and showed us how easy it is to build great-looking web-applications that can be dynamically enhanced by means of OSGi runtime features like loading / unloading bundles. Matthias mentioned several times that Gunnar Wagenknecht provided a patch that fixes some classloading issues in the serialization code. So Gunnar, thanks again!

Thanks to itemis, it-agile and of course the Eclipse Foundation who all sponsored the event, we could then enjoy a break with drinks and some sandwiches.

After the break, Stefan Reichert of Lufthansa Systems presented his Plug-in Wickedshell that enables you to execute shell scripts for your favourite command shell from inside Eclipse.

Reginald Stadlbauer of Froglogic gave a demo of their GUI testing tool, Squish. Besides being able to create test scripts for a wide variety of GUI technologies, Squish can also create GUI tests for Eclipse RCP / SWT applications. You can modify the scripts afterwards, and introduce conditions, which is great.

The demos were concluded by a presentation on the topic of “Generation of format adapters for SAP XI. A model driven approach.” by Frank Zimmermann of the Nordakademie and two of his students, Henning Banneitz and Stefan Tanck. It very nicely showed how to use modern technology (Xtext) to tackle legacy technology (EDI / EDIFACT).

They finished just in time so all soccer fans could watch the encounter Germany – Austria, which also was a success (at least for the German team).

A big thank-you is due to our sponsors, it-agile, itemis and the Eclipse Foundation. Martin and I would especially like to say “thank you” to Arne Roock for taking care of all he organizational details!

Also thanks a lot to everyone who attended the Camp! We would to gather feedback on how you liked the camp, so pleace voice your opinion on the poll.

Here is a list of resource (slides, screencasts and screenshots) for your reference: