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Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg Recap

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Earlier this week, the Hamburg edition of the Eclipse DemoCamp took place in a Spanish restaurant next to the Gentleware office. We had more than 50 registrations and 9 talk proposals. With 48 people showing up and 8 talks being delivered, I should say that the DemoCamp was a huge success.

We had a very good mix of people – a large number of Eclipse IDE users, some tool vendors and some RCP clients. Some people even came here from Frankfurt just to see one particular demo! Simon reports that most people had a sound background of Eclipse.

Unfortunately, I had become ill just the day before the camp and so couldn’t attend, which really is a pity. However, as Marco Kuznik of Loroma was so kind as to record all talks on digital video, I will be able to watch the demos as soon as he puts them online on That’s what the community can do for you. Thanks Marco!

The most impressive demo according to Enrico and Simon seems to have been a model-driven LEGO mindstorms robot chasing a “cat” (an orange ballon). This demo was delivered by Frank Zimmermann.

Here are some pictures of the event:

More pictures can be found here. Thanks Simon!

I would like to say a big thank you to all presenters and of course the Eclipse Foundation who made this event possible.

Hope to see you soon!