Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker

DocBook Rocks!

I decided to write the documentation for my current project using DocBook. After using it for a few days, I must admit that I really love it: using DocBook XSL, you can transform it to PDF, HTML (one single large file or many small files, one for each chapter), HTML Help or even Eclipse Help! Much to my pleasure, I found a really amazing Eclipse plug-in that helps me edit my DocBook files (in fact, you could any XML editor to edit those files). The plug-in I am talking of is called Vex-A Visual Editor for XML. Although originally intended to edit XML files in general, it has been written with enough flexibility in mind. The editor uses a stylesheet to render the XML files into a visual representation (see the Screenshots). Now I can edit my DocBook files in WYSIWYG – great!