Peter Friese

Developer Advocate / Mobile Developer / Public Speaker

Code Is Meant for Reading!

There are still some developers around who seem to think that documenting software is for lamers. Have a look at this quote: Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute. -Abelson and Sussman. When I used to be a Delphi developer, documenting your code was a daunting task, because you had to agree upon a documenting style with your team mates. And we all know that everyody has his own style. Tools like Doc-O-Matic tried to help, but they weren’t free, so it was hard to make companies use them. In the brave new Java world, we have JavaDoc, a free tool that comes with your copy of the JDK. There are recommendations on how to write JavaDoc comments and modern IDEs are capable of displaing the JavaDoc for the identifier under your cursor. Writing JavaDoc comments is really simple, you learn it once and will never forget it. So why are there still some people who do not document their code?