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Call for Papers / Participation: MDSD Today 08

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From October 15th – 17th, the second workshop on model driven software development “MDSD Today” will take place in Elmshorn near Hamburg, Germany.

The goal of this conference is to provide a platform for professionals (managers, architects and engineers alike) in the field of model driven software development to meet and exchange ideas.

The three day will be organized into the following major blocks:

  1. Management Day

  2. Research Papers and Industrial Reports

  3. MDSD Tutorials

The management day will feature keynotes by Dr. Axel Uhl (Chief Development Architect with SAP) and Ed Merks (of Eclipse Modeling fame).

Tutorials on various MDSD-related topics (such as model-to-model transformations, model-to-text transformations, external textual DSLs) will be delivered by members of the Eclipse Modeling Project on day 2 and day 3 of the conference.

If you use model driven software development in your daily work, please consider giving a presentation.

If you do not use MDSD and would like to hear about other’s experiences, you should consider participating in the conference and take the chance to attend the MDSD tutorials. At EUR 350 for three days, that’s a real bargain.

The CfPs and more information on the conference can be found here (english) and here (german).

Hope to see you there!