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Bugday 2/2008 Reminder

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Just a short reminder, bugday 2/2008 is coming up, giving you the chance to give some love to your favourite Eclipse project. Since we have a leap year, you have the one-of-a-kind chance to be part of a bugday on the 29th of February :–)

So far, the following projects will participate in this bugday:

  • ECF

  • PDE


  • RAP

  • Web Tools Platform (WTP)

  • JDT/Platform Debug

  • Mylyn

  • Visual Editor

  • Ajax and JavaScript Web tools

  • Platform UI

  • Platform Releng

  • Platform Workspace

  • GEF

If your favourite project is missing from this list, get in contact with the respective committers and offer them to help fix some bugs on bugday.

Even if you will not have the time to fix bugs, think about whether you could help triage some bugs. Here’s how.