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Annotated Links for Week 34

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This week we will have a look at some tools that will help you to make your screenshots shine, a fun approach at looking at your coding behaviours, a collection of views for iOS and Android developers and… beer!


Brought to you by FileSquare, this little web site allows you to create good looking product images of your app inside a real phone frame. As of now, MockUPhone has mockup frames for most (but not all) iOS devices and some Android and Windows Phone devices. Basically, you just upload one or screenshots of your app and – after some crunching – you can download a zip archive that contains your screenshots inside the selected phone cases. You need to provide an e-mail address to download the archive.

Currently, the site is a bit sluggish – maybe due to heavy load. Also, there is very little room for tweaking how the result looks like. Check out ShapeItApp by Heiko Behrens for a similar service that is more flexible and let’s you tweak the result before you download it. Also, it would be impossible to talk about mock-up services and not mention PlaceIt by Breezi

The Open Source Report Card

Some Github related data mining. Enter your Github user name and the site tries to come up with some smart statements about your coding behaviour. Dan uses some Python scripts to extract data from the Github Archive. The code is available on Github for your enjoyment.


iOS developers are a blessed bunch of people – not only do we have a decent dependency management tool, but also do we have CocoaControls, a never-ending inspiration for new controls, libraries and apps (ever wondered which components your favorite app uses? Head over to the apps section).

For a long time, Android developers didn’t have outlets like these. Well, fear no longer, Nadav Fima has you covered. AndroidViews offers a nicely organized view into the universe of views, animations, libraries, development tools and other resources. If you have a component that is not yet listed, drop him a mail.

Coffee vs. beer: which drink makes you more creative?

Don’t just drink coffee. Also have a glas of wine every now and then to spark your creativity.


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